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Public Amenity

Public Amenity

Arbor Care is proud to continue the tradition of taking great care of amenity trees in Tauranga, the Western Bay of Plenty and Matamata Piako.  


Special Trees

Take a moment to find out what Arbor Care does in your community and to check out a few of your local heritage trees.


Arbor Care has been taking care of trees in parks, reserves and streetscapes in Tauranga since 1996.  The company carries out scheduled maintenance, tree assessment and emergency tree services for the Council, and is on stand-by 24/7 for serious emergencies like storm events in the city.

Special Tauranga Trees

Pitau Road Pohutukawa

The Pohutukawa in Mount Maunganui has a stunning girth and is very important to Maori.  According to Burstall & Sale (1984) several pre-European skeletons were found at the base of the tree in a kneeling position.

The Elms

The Norfolk Pine at the old Te Papa Mission - ‘The Elms’ - is probably the oldest European tree in the Bay of Plenty.  Planted in 1839 as a group of three, the Norfolk Pines were known as the ‘Archdeacon’s Sentinels’ and were used as navigational aids by ships in the harbour for over one hundred years.

Yatton Park

Joseph Chadwick planted about 100 tree species around his cottage on the site occupied by  Yatton Park today.  Forty of them still stand in the park.  These include the country’s oldest and largest Japense ceder, planted in 1866, and it’s tallest Camphor tree.


If you are out and about in the Western Bay of Plenty you may spot Arbor Care maintaining roadside trees.  With over 122 kilometres of state highway and 1,040km of local roads, in Western Bay alone, there are a lot of road-side trees to maintain.  

Special Western Bay Trees

Athenree Homestead

This colonial homestead was the early home to Hugh and Adela Stewart who arrived from Ulster in Northern Island in 1875, built the homestead which is now being restored on the site and farmed the area for twenty-six years.

Te Puke Avenue of Trees – 100 years old in 2013

The trees in Te Puke’s main street date back to the original planting of 1913, and were part the upgrade that added street lighting to the town centre.  The planting includes linden and silver birth.  The Puriri tree in the central plot was planted to commemorate the start of World War One.


Arbor Care provide arborist services to all public amenity spaces in the Matamata-Piako district.  You’ll see the Arbor Care team taking care of trees at parks, on roadsides and at all Council facilities in and around Matamata, Morrinsville and Te Aroha.

Special Matamata Trees

Railway Station Trees

Oak, larch, chestnut and ash were planted near the Matamata Railway Station after its opening in 1855.  Similar plantings were done at other stations near the “Thames Valley Railway line,” but only the Matamata stand remains.

Broadway Central Plots

The centre plots in Matamata’s main street were formed in 1929 and planted in elms, oaks, limes and chestnuts.  Further planting and transplanting took place until the 1960’s.

Centennial Drive

If you pass through Matamata don’t forget take a meander through Centennial Drive – a picturesque botanical park with a large collection of species.



Howie Park

This reserve is 2.0613 hectares in size. It is located on the corner of Allen Street and Waverley Avenue in the north eastern area of Morrinsville.

There is a large collection of mature native and exotic trees in the park which include Rimu, Japanese Maple, Tanekaha, Totara, Oriental Planes, Magnolias, Oaks, Beech, Cedars and Dawn Redwood.

Howie Park also features a Rhododendron garden as well as a Camellia garden, which is situated near the playground area. The upper part of the Park features a war memorial and cenotaph that overlooks the terraced ponds and ring road that meanders its way through the park.


Stanley Avenue in Te Aroha has many large mature trees including Copper Beach, Douglas Fir and Liquidambar, and although it has been damaged significantly by storms over the years there are still some impressive examples of these trees growing in a street environment.