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Profesional Arborists

Well-cared-for trees add considerable value to a property.

Protect your investment with a qualified arboricultural professional. Arbor Care was the first company in the country to gain the approved status by the New Zealand Arboricultural Association (NZAA) and is currently the only Bay of Plenty contractor approved by the NZAA. Every Arbor Care project is managed by a fully-qualified arborist.

Here’s 5 great reasons to choose arboriculture professionals:

  1. Safety – avoid harm to people and property.
  2. Health – incorrect pruning cuts damage trees.
  3. Aesthetics – an understand of pruning techniques leads to well-shaped aesthetically-pleasing trees.
  4. Value – using professionals will protect your property investment.
  5. Reputation – you can trust industry-approved contractors.



The risks of trees near power lines are serious.

The Team

Arbor Care sets high standards in tree care – from planting to removal. Still managed by its founder, John Meehan, this former one-man-band now employs over 20 highly skilled staff and has a fully equiped fleet of modern trucks and chippers.