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Grounds and Surrounds

Health and safety is paramount when working on trees in public places and private spaces where crowds gather.

Arbor Care takes safety seriously and has a large team of well-qualified arborists and an exemplary record in risk assessment, hazard management, and tree maintenance.


Arbor Care has the contract to maintain trees in Tauranga City reserves and streets and has been doing so for the past 17 years. That’s a level of arboriculture and public safety experience that’s hard to beat.


If you run a school, hospital or other public service you can’t take risks. You need regular hazard assessment and inspections from a profession arboricultural team with a reputation for safety and expert tree care.


Tree surveys, tree identification and tree mapping and maintenance are popular with golf courses. We offer independent expert opinion to guide your asset management and maintenance programme.


Healthy, well-maintained trees are a big draw card for campers. Expert maintenance is important for safety and long term amenity value. Protect your investment and your campers with Arbor Care.