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Crown Reductions For Managing Large Trees On Residential Sites

11 November 2014

If you have large trees (or trees getting large) on your site and you like the trees and want to keep them on the property but worry about them taking over your site, then tree reduction could be an option for you.

Crown reduction is the process of reducing the size of the crown and removes from the top as well as the sides so the end product looks natural and in proportion.

It is not good to just cut the top off a mature tree but if a crown reduction is done correctly the tree will not suffer either visually, structurally, or in terms of longevity.  In fact a tree that has been reduced correctly may well out last a tree left to grow without pruning as the process of reduction will reduce the weight at the ends of the branches reducing the chance of branch failure.

Crown reduction on mature trees; when done properly; is not a job for the inexperienced as almost every branch must be visited and pruned and experts are required to get the shape looking good but if you have special trees that you wish to manage on your site into the future, crown reduction could be an option for you.

The following photos are before and after shots of a protected Liquidambar tree Arbor Care recently reduced.


Crown Reduction


Crown Reduction

Crown Reduction

If you would like to discuss with an expert whether your trees are suitable for crown reduction,

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