Tree Maintenance

Tree Maintenance

Improve your outlook, protect your investment and let the sun shine in

With tree maintenance, transplant or removal by the Bay of Plenty’s only NZAA approved contractor.

Home and Orchard

Home and Orchard

Tree Maintenance

Crown Lifting

You may not need to sacrifice your trees to open up views or create access.  Crown lifting carefully remove lower branches so you can keep the tree and open the views.  It’s not a matter of cutting off all the lower branches.  Different species need different treatment for their long term health and amenity value – for some its best to cut in main branch lots, for others it’s important to tackle the off-shooting branches first.

FormATIVE Pruning

Whether you want tree-shaping for the perfect look or to keep your trees tidy and safe, form pruning is a mix of art and science.  Arbor Care know how to prune for both short term needs and the long term shape, structure and health of the tree.

Crown Reduction

Reducing the size and height of a tree takes real skill.  The pudding bowl haircut your Grandma gave eventually grew out, but a tree that’s ‘topped’ rather than properly reduced will never be the same again.  An Arbor Care crown reduction will keep the tree in natural proportion all the way round.

Fruit Tree Care

Do you like your fruit trees to look beautiful , to produce a bountiful crop or both?  Arbor Care prunes for the result you want – keeping a full crown for amenity trees or opening up the middle of the tree to increase fruit yield.  Some species fruit best on older branches and some on new, so care is taken to preserve the branches that fruit most. 

Hedge & Shrub Trimming

Trimming shrubs and hedges is a lot like pruning trees – it’s important to know how each species responds to trimming.  Arbor Care trim conifers lightly as they don’t recover easily, while species like Camelias can survive a more severe trimming.