One quarter of rural power cuts are caused by trees touching power lines.

Not every arborist is certified to work near power lines.  Arbor Care is.




News Flash!!!

October 2013 Arbor Care has just taken possesian of our new Insulated EWP (Cherry Picker) a brand new 55 foot Versalift Truck on a new Hino 500 truck.  This will increase our live line vegetation control capabilitys with more reach than our existing machine.


Trees near power lines are a significant hazard to people and to the power supply.

Land owners are required by law to keep trees away from power lines, and only certified and approved professionals like Arbor Care can work on trees near power lines. The closer your trees get to the power lines, the more complex and costly the job becomes, so don’t delay, act now.

Who is responsible for trees near power lines?

If you have trees near power lines on your property, you are responsible for keeping them away from the power lines. The Electricity Regulations require the ‘network owner’ to trim trees near power lines only once. After the first trim, tree trimming is the responsibility of the property owner. It’s a big responsibility. If a tree on your property interferes with the power supply, you could get a nasty bill when it causes an outage

Who CAN work on trees near power lines?

It’s illegal to trim the trees yourself if they are close the power network, so you will need an approved professional arborist for all work within 4m of the power lines.  Arbor Care are one of only three companies approved to work near Powerco lines in the Tauranga and Western Bay of Plenty, so call us now to keep your trees well-trimmed.  You can find out more about trees and powerlines at Powerco. (http://www.powerco.co.nz/Safety/Trees-and-Power-Lines/)

Don’t delay, act now

The risks of trees near power lines are serious.  Do you want to be held responsible when:

  • Your branches break and take out the power supply?
  • Constant contact frays the lines causing a fire or a shock to passing people or animals?
  • Children climb the trees into the lines?