Consulting Services

Consulting Services

A report by a trusted arboriculture professional can be essential for RMA approval

Qualifications and experience have earned Arbor Care an expert reputation




Consulting Services

Some situations call for a professional tree reports or hazard analysis well before any tree work is contemplated. Arbor Care are experienced practitioners and tree consultants, with skills suited to asset management, proposed maintenance and expert witness requirements.

Tree Surveys/Reports

An Arbor Care tree survey is the first step to managing your trees and ensuring risk minimization, they are essential from both a health and safety and asset management perspective. A tree report is generally a requirement with local Councils working within the RMA Act, or anyone requiring a report for risk and hazard management.

Tree Evaluations & Valuations

Whether the tree is standing tall and proud, looking the worse for wear or has been removed already. A professional tree evaluation (amenity value) or valuation can be undertaken by Arbor Care .

Expert Witness

Expert witnesses may be required for compensation or mitigation claims. Choose the trusted arboriculture professionals. Arbor Care have experience in this field, and their evidence is backed by professional qualifications and a long track record.

Project Snapshot:

Tauranga Hospital Redevelopment

Arbor Care’s work at the Tauranga Hospital says it all. The first stage of the hospital redevelopment required removal of 7 well established trees from the old carpark area. After careful assessment Arbor Care recommended removal of the trees with mitigation planting in the new carpark. A variety of species were chosen for the new area, including kauri for their upright growth, oaks to replace those removed and Pohutukawa for its coastal character and Christmas flowering.