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Summer Fruit Tree Pruning
15 November 2013

Summer Fruit Tree Pruning (Apples and Pears)

It is getting close to the time when you will need to start thinking about tidying up your fruit trees.

The fruit on the apples and pears should now be set and starting to swell

There will be a mass of new shoots growing and the trees will be getting quite thick.

Apple Tree Pruning

Now is the time to tidy this growth up, pruning to maintain the required structure of the tree,
reduce the vigerous new growth and to ensure there are good fruiting buds for next season.  Strong shoots can be cut back leaving only a few leaves.
Shorten shoots with fruit to a few leaves past the fruit bunches.  Try to create space around each main branch.

Tree Thinning
Bunches of fruit can be thinned to allow the best fruit to develop, for example if you have a bunch of 5 apples all touching each other

Fruit Thinning
consider pulling off 2 of the smallest fruit leaving the 3 best ones.

Summer fruit Tree Pruning is all about maintaining a trees structure and not major reshaping. 
If your tree needs a major reshape or restructure then winter is the time to carry out this sort of pruning.

If you want your trees pruned proffesionally, or even a lesson in the best way to prune your fruit trees give us a call

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